Do you want to see the photos?

Is it important to you to see a photo of Osama bin Laden with a bullet in his forehead?

Or is President Obama’s word that the world’s most wanted terrorist died at the hands of a Navy SEALs attack good enough for you? In other words, do you need to see the death certificate a week after Obama finally released his birth certificate?

The pic has been described as gory and gruesome by the people who have seen it. The problem is, apparently, that other photos that were taken, including some after bin Laden’s body was washed and prepared for burial at sea, don’t look as much like earlier images we have seen of the terrorist mastermind.

I admit to curiousity and would probably look at the photo or photos. Do you want to see them?

2 thoughts on “Do you want to see the photos?

  1. Yes !! I want to see, and I want the world to see that we did not shoot him in the back. That we did not shoot him excution style. That we did not pump 50 rounds into him. That we did not nearly cut his body in half with bullets.

    Of course, now, with nearly a week past, the photos could have been photoshopped to cover a multitude of sins. Why oh why does everybody need to think that the only reason of wanting to see the photos is “because we do not believe you got him”?? And further more, a whole lot of “non-truths” have come out of the White House the past couple of years. Where is the transparentsea that was promised??

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