Not just Kenyan — Obama is Irish!

The president is Irish.

To prove it, he drank a Guinness today in a pub in Moneygall, the Irish town where a part of his mother’s family came from decades ago. Obama talked, kidded some people and then took several drinks of the beer.

That’s better than he did in Rapid City in 2008, when he stopped in The Firehouse on a Saturday afternoon and declined a beer when it was offered. He did take an order of onion rings and other appetizers with him.

Presidents have long sipped beer when on the campaign trail and a few have stopped in Ireland, where alcohol, storytelling and politics are three of the main attractions.

President Kennedy famously enjoyed his trip to Ireland in 1963 and President Reagan hoisted a brew or two in bars during public appearances.
To see Obama quaff the rich, dark beer, go to:

One thought on “Not just Kenyan — Obama is Irish!

  1. He is as Irish as any other Kenyan who has no real white ancestors.

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