Who looks worse today: Munsen or administrators?

My Monday morning got off to a fast start when we received an anonymous tip about the Mitchell boys’ basketball program being put on probation for a year by the South Dakota High School Activities Association. To make a long story short, coach Gary Munsen was caught coaching a player or players out of season, which is a no-no.

That part of the story wasn’t really a surprise. Anybody who knows Gary Munsen knows this isn’t his first rodeo. He’s had great highs, including more than 600 career wins, but he’s also had embarrassing lows, including at least one previous probationary period with the SDHSAA, an arrest on domestic assault charges that were later dropped and a suspension by school administrators for reasons that were apparently never made public.

So, given what’s happened in the past, it’s not really a shocker that Gary Munsen is in a little bit of trouble. What was shocking, at least to me, was the response of school administrators.

You see, all of this stuff with Munsen went down in mid-April. The probation and some other disciplinary actions were handed down by the state Activities Association board at its April 19-20 meeting. Neither the public nor the media knew about it, though, because none of it was on the Activities Association agenda and school administrators in Mitchell didn’t tell anybody.

You read that correctly. Even though Superintendent Joe Graves and Activities Director Geoff Gross were fully aware of everything that had happened, they stayed silent about it. When our reporter called all five school board members yesterday, none of them knew anything about the situation. The administrators’ excuse? The Activities Association didn’t require them to tell the school board.

Maybe this is just me, but if you were on the school board, wouldn’t you expect your administrators to tell you about something as significant as the school’s most prominent and successful extracurricular program being put on probation for a year because of a rule violation?

And thus I return to the question in the title of this post. Who looks worse today: Munsen, or Mitchell School District’s administrators?

4 thoughts on “Who looks worse today: Munsen or administrators?

  1. the administrators could have notified the other staff in the boys’ program of the violation. nice of you to mention their name in the paper without notification.

    • Not sure I follow you, but if you’re saying we need to notify people that they’ll be in the paper before we print their names, I must heartily disagree. We print hundreds if not thousands of names in the newspaper every day. If we had to call each one and tell them they’re going to be in the paper, we wouldn’t have time to put out the paper. Also, what do you think criminals would say? Should we call every thief and murderer and ask permission to print their names? What if they say no?

      Furthermore, the only mention we made of the other boys’ coaches was a sentence saying they had nothing to do with this. Seems like they should appreciate us for mentioning that, shouldn’t they? Had we not mentioned their innocence, they’d be under a cloud of suspicion.

  2. wow, can’t beat him on the court will beat him off the court. OUTSTANDING COACH AND PERSON. Just a bunch of jealous coaches and administrators.

  3. So Sad Mr. Marso Didn’t tell Coach Munsen before the game. You would think the athletic director from Brandon would show a little professional courtesy and tell him the rule before he started coaching. Honest mistake. If it was any other coach it would have been a warning.

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