Daschle starting a Ruck.us

 This isn’t the Daschle most South Dakotans think of, but it is a Daschle we will want to keep our eye on.

After his tenure heading up the Democratic Governors Association, Nathan Daschle (Tom’s son) is taking aim at America’s two-party political system.

His new venture is a social media site called Ruck.us that matches people up based on layered nuances of political opinion and lets Ruck.us members decide how active they want to become with their like-minded citizens. Ruck.us folks can remain anonymous and simply trade messages. Or they can go jump in with both feet and begin organizing for political action.


Ruck.us launched an early access site this month.

Nathan Daschle’s new venture takes aim at America’s two-party system.

Ruck.us looks to build itself with the ever-growing faction of independent voters who have rejected both Republicans and Democrats. While it welcomes those loyal to one of the major parties, it states clearly that even someone with a political pedigree can think outside the party structure.

Says Daschle:

When institutions start to hold more power than the people, the precious balance necessary to a healthy democracy is threatened. We believe this is happening right now with our two political parties, which exert far too much control over the way government functions.

Will you join the Ruck.us?

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