Gus Nado, meet Mike Roburst

The farm of Gregor and Gayle Streff, near Salem, received heavy damage from the storm. (Photo By Chris Huber/Republic)

When our photographer came back from the Bridgewater/Salem area yesterday with a story and photos about the damage from Monday night’s storms, I didn’t expect to get a laugh out of it.

But laugh I did when I read the story. Nothing about the storm or the damage was funny. It was the description of the storm by a National Weather Service meteorologist. He said there had not actually been a tornado in the area, as originally thought (and as numerous TV weather people so breathlessly informed us Monday night). Instead, there had been a “gustnado.”

That’s right, a gustnado. My photographer swears that’s an actual weather term that actually came from the mouth of an actual NWS meteorologist. And Wikipedia confirms it. Maybe I’ll be accused of living in a cave, but I’ve never heard the word uttered in my 32 years of life.

You can click here to read the story.

One thought on “Gus Nado, meet Mike Roburst

  1. Good update. I don’t remember hearing about this anywhere else.
    Now, let’s hope Gus and Mike don’t show up tonight.

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