A grand debate

Mel Olson, left, and Mike Vehle participate in a debate Thursday night at MTI. (Chris Huber/Republic)

Mel Olson and Mike Vehle are both seasoned politicians, so I expected their debate about adding a city manager to Mitchell’s city government to be a good one.

It lived up to that expectation and then some.

Olson, a city councilman, high school history teacher and former state legislator, wore an American-flag-like shirt and passionately insisted that the addition of a city manager would be an assault on democracy. As one of the panelists, I asked him if he really believes that people who want a city manager “hate democracy” (as he was quoted as saying in a Thursday story in our paper). He stuck by the comment.

Mike Vehle, a former banker and current state legislator, wore a suit and made a more dispassionate case than Mel, but even Vehle couldn’t keep the passion out of his voice when he defended himself against Olson’s anti-democracy accusation.

The debate went far beyond the democracy-hater talk, though. Each man had a lot of good arguments and explained them very clearly.

Afterward, Olson left before I had a chance to speak with him. I told Vehle that I wished the two would have engaged in a series of Lincoln-Douglas-style debates. It was that entertaining.

Whether or not this city’s voters decide to add a city manager to city government on Tuesday, we’ll be fine as long as people like Olson and Vehle continue to get involved in the business of the city.

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