We’re in the home of the free

South Dakota, where living is free and easy.

Well, some say that, anyway. A new study from two college professors ranks South Dakota as second on a list of states where people are free to live as they wish.

In our favor, according to the professors: Limited gun control, low taxes and legalized gambling, among other factors.

Costing us a few points: Marijuana is outlawed, asset forfeiture is allowed in many cases and smoking is banned in most workplaces.

The freest state is New Hampshire, according to the study, which is weighed toward a conservative point of view, which explains why a Red State like South Dakota ranks so high.

To see the study, go to http://mercatus.org/freedom-50-states-2011/SD

One thought on “We’re in the home of the free

  1. Or, could we say that us non-smokers are free to enter establishments and not be forced to breathe in someone else’s smoke?

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