A Coolidge in S.D. keepsake

In 1927, the summer White House was in the Black Hills.

President Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace fled the oppressive Washington, D.C. summer and came to the Black Hills, where the president fished in a lake stocked by the state, relaxed and, near the end of his time in SD, announced he chose not to run in 1928.

Now, you can own a souvenir of that presidential visit. A corncob pipe given to the president by some Lakota residents of state is up for auction tonight. This release includes a picture of the delicately curved pipe, along with two pics of Silent Cal, including the famed one of him in an Indian headress.

Coolidge stopped in Brookings on his way home and made a speech at what is known as Coolidge Sylvan Theatre. My dad, who was just 7, and grandfather were in the audience, and Dad said the crowd was appreciative of the speech by a man not known for words.

Here’s the release and a link to the pipe and presidential pics. Let us know if you bid on the pipe and pics.


One thought on “A Coolidge in S.D. keepsake

  1. Tom,
    I’m not certain if we have spoken on any of the several occasions I was invited out to South Dakota to portray “Silent Cal” – He once paid his highest complement to your state and its people when he declared them: “Like Vermont and Vermonters.” There, too – for the most part, the people are, “almost always strong, modest, wry, smart, decent and friendly”. Who could ask for anything more!
    I hope someone gets that pipe that will appreciate it. If you visit Massachusetts you can see many of the wonderful presents he was given – including the magnificent headdress he was photographed in and sat for his portrait wearing it. They are exhibited at the Calvin Coolidge Library & Museum in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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