Dennis Daugaard, climate change believer?

For most Republican politicians, dissing climate change or global warming or whatever you choose to label it (I expect ObamaWeather to pop up soon), is just part of toeing the party line.
The GOP doesn’t believe in abortion, gay marriage or climate change. Dennis Daugaard, a self-professed conservative, has always been in line with the party’s beliefs.
That’s why it was striking when DD said he didn’t entirely dismiss climate change as a cause for the wild weather we are enduring in South Dakota. The governor made that statement during the Capital for a Day events in Mitchell Wednesday.
From the story: “He also said he does not know whether the flooding will be a pattern that will repeat next year or if the flooding is caused by climate change.
“’It’s sure possible,’ Daugaard said in response to the climate change question.”
Not a ringing endorsement but hardly the hard-line denial we have heard for years. Maybe living in SD when record flooding is causing pain and problems across the state can cause a person to reconsider any and all ideas on weather and climate.
Here’s the whole story:

3 thoughts on “Dennis Daugaard, climate change believer?

  1. The idea of a state park is nothing new- except for the fact that I do not find myself getting too excited about it? The land at the lake is either private or public- belonging to the city- just imagine another political battle like the one over the pine trees on N. Harmon_ that is our city’s land not the state’s- so I suggest finding another spot for your so-called state park like the rolling hills of the James River- I think the lake is off-limits to you state boys- after all if the voters become insensed again- well look for another ballot intiiative- go ahead make my day Dennis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “ObamaWesther” — brilliant! But not as funny as the “globabl” warming I see in line 1. Will the GOP turn that to “Globabble Warming”? 😉

  3. I fixed the global typo, Mr. H.
    Will ObamaWeather join ObamaCare? Doubtful but we will see what the opponents of the concept think of it, if they hear of it.
    Maybe AlGoreAlert might work. And maybe like Sarah Palin, we should patent these words.

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