If the Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee needs a project, here’s an idea …

I picked up the glass shards and the rusty nail pictured here during a recent visit to Mitchell's Sandy Beach.

My wife and two kids and I visited Lake Mitchell’s Sandy Beach on Saturday.

Immediately upon our arrival, I noticed glass shards in the sand. That was concerning, because we were all barefoot. Looking around a little more, I realized the shards were not isolated to where we were standing. They were everywhere.

In a span of about five minutes, I collected all of the glass shards pictured above — plus the rusty nail — in an area no bigger than 10 feet in diameter.

Not wanting our kids to end up with cuts in their feet, we left right away.

The Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee has been very active and has done some great things since its creation a few years ago. I hope the committee will see this post and take some action to clean up Sandy Beach.