Money in local politics: Is it your business?

Who wants to know?

Is it your business, the public’s business, or the media’s business who contributes money to political campaigns in Mitchell? That will be discussed and, perhaps, decided tonight during the Mitchell City Council meeting.

A first vote is set for tonight, with a potential final approval on Oct. 3.

Councilman Mel Olson thinks voters have a right to learn who kicks in the cash to fuel campaigns, both for office and on ballot questions. Other elected officials, most notably Councilman Dan Allen, said it’s no one’s business who contributes to his campaigns.

The issue has sparked two lively debates at past council meetings this year, on July 18 and Sept. 6. We’re trying to count votes this morning and it does look like it may be a close one.

Any advice for your elected representatives? Here’s today’s story on the issue.

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