VIDEO: Thune gives Republican weekly address

In case you missed it over the weekend – and I did* – here is video of South Dakota’s own John Thune delivering the GOP’s weekly radio address (family photo strategically positioned to his right).  

Inside of 5 minutes, he tackles a range of issues – from free trade agreements to a call for a regulatory time out – all under the umbrella of “jobs.” He gets in his partisan jabs, too.

South Dakota gets a shout-out as a state with low unemployment thanks to the fact we are a right-to-work state full of good Republicans.

Trivia question: What is the dome visible out the window behind Thune? (And – bonus question – is that really his office? Or is it a set?)

I really don’t know, but I will find out and award some kind of awesome prize if anyone comments with the right answers.

*Thus is the downside of the South Dakota Festival of Books.

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