Rabbit-Coyote war renewed

A war as old as South Dakota itself has been renewed.

Republicans vs Democrats? East River vs West River? Sioux Falls vs everyone else?

Nah. We’re talking blood feud — as long as it’s animal blood apparently. SDSU and USD are ready to meet on the field of honor, or at least the football field.

USD unloaded the first broadside with four billboards depicting a ferocious-looking coyote chasing a running jackrabbit with the words “Have an old friend for dinner.” One of the billboards was placed a few miles south of Brookings, the home of SDSU.

Gee, that’s sure to be accepted quietly in the spirit of good fun and in-state rivalry, right?

Not exactly. Someone hanged a dead coyote from the billboard this week, sparking the rivalry back up after it had laid dormant for years since the Jacks left the North Central Conference and stopped playing the Coyotes.

While a lot of us are looking forward to the first men’s basketball game in years between the schools in January, and others are awaiting the first gridiron game in November 2012, some people are disgusted an animal was killed in the name of rivalry.

Let’s hope that’s the end of the Blue vs Red rivalry but a response wouldn’t shock anyone. Maybe cooler heads will prevail.

Think so?

2 thoughts on “Rabbit-Coyote war renewed

  1. SICK! I want to see those kids go to jail or else be sentenced to work in a humane society for several months.


  2. The way the school is brushing this off tells me that students will escalate it in the future.

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