Campaign finance or pheasants?

What do South Dakotans care more about, campaign finance reporting or shooting pheasants?

One involves pursuing wily birds who stay low, flee if needed and usually seek available cover. The other is about hunting pheasants.

Since South Dakota is a state where politics and hunting are two favorite sports, I think a lot of people pay attention to both. I know we will in the next few days.

The Mitchell City Council will once again take on campaign finance reporting at its Monday night meeting. This will likely cap four months of discussion on requiring city candidates and ballot question committees to report who gave them donations of $250 or more, as well as list all contributions and expenses.

Candidates for county, school and state offices already do so, but not city candidates in all but three cities in South Dakota. Is that an oversight or merely because city races are traditionally low-profile and very cheap?

Are local races too inexpensive to ask for info about? Do candidates have nothing to hide and thereby, nothing to report? Or should the voters have a right know who’s kicking in the cash?

And where are all the pheasants?