Making the mark for Cain

South Dakota Republicans like Herman Cain.

Most didn’t know who he was a few months ago, but he has been the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination for, oh, weeks now. He followed Rick Perry, who succeeded Michele Bachmann, who replaced Sarah Palin, who …

Cain won the non-binding, little-known and barely reported South Dakota Republican Party straw poll Saturday night. Newt Gingrich was second and Mitt Romney was third.

The win was both in keeping with Cain’s recent run of success and contrary to the terrible week he had in the national media.

In the past few days, Cain has been bombarded with coverage of reported sexual harassment and unwanted advances. The latest claim was made Monday, when a woman said Cain made a crude lunge for her in 1997.

Despite this, or perhaps more accurately in defiance of this, Cain has remained the Republican leader. The mainstream, or as we’re called, the “lamestream” and “drive-by” (and much cruder terms) media are seen by some, perhaps many, as overly liberal and pro-Democratic Party.

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama would differ, of course.

But Republicans distrust, dislike and in general diss the media, and despise anchors, editors and reporters more than almost any other political group. They might like individual reporters, editors and publishers, but it’s good politics in GOP circles to bash the media.

So perhaps as those of us engaged in this horrible plot to elect socialist commie liberal godless Democrats report Cain’s alleged unwelcome advances, the better he will do in his party’s battle for the nomination.

Such allegations and whispers didn’t defeat Kennedy or Clinton. Of course, they were Democrats, so you know what that means, at least to the GOP faithful.

I believe this media-averse standing explains why so many of us with access to exit polls in 2004 thought John Kerry had defeated George W. Bush. A ton of Republicans avoided the pollsters or refused to answer, skewing the data.

So does Cain ride the media-hate train to the nomination, does he remain competitive into 2012 or will his political career end amid a deluge of sordid allegations? He went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night and we will hear more from him Tuesday.

Reporters are like car dealers, without the flashy jackets and shiny shoes. You can’t go wrong bashing us.

One thought on “Making the mark for Cain

  1. Gingrich would be a great alternative to Obama in a debate. In fact I will vote for Gingrich in the primary.

    I wish Noem would watch Newt once in a while so she could learn something and feel comfortable holding town halls.

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