Iowans still pining for SD’s John Thune

As Iowans cast a wide net in attempting to launch the GOP nominating process, a South Dakota senator was on the minds of more than one leading Iowa Republican.

While the names Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels and Chris Christy fall off the lips of many a TV pundit, it was John Thune who was mentioned by key members of the GOP in our neighboring state. One even said he was “in mourning.”

South Dakota's own John Thune continues to get mentioned as a GOP presidential contender.

This from a CNN report:

One Iowa GOP insider said he’d welcome Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota or Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to the fray: “All three are more palatable to the American people than the current slate of candidates.”

Said another insider, who remains undecided over whom to vote for in the caucus: “I’m still in mourning over the fact that John Thune didn’t jump in.”


The Iowa GOP’s inability to coalesce around a clear front-runner could be a harbinger of what to expect in other states. If so, expect Thune’s name to continue to be bandied about as one who got away.



3 thoughts on “Iowans still pining for SD’s John Thune

  1. John Thune is a great politician. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is chosen as Romney’s VP but I think it is more likely to be Christie, Rubio or McDonnell.

    Thune would be a safe pick but maybe not someone who can help in a swing state.

  2. If Ron Paul would have won it wouldn’t have counted; if Mit Rommney wins it counts?? Wait a minute looks like a republican crisis in leadership?? Oh I know it’s early but haven’t we been down this road before with Mitt?? So would Pluto, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse of Goofy qualify as a republican presidential candidate??

  3. What the heck is this?
    From MDR:
    The release said Noem, who is up for re-election this year, will visit “Mitchell coffee shops” beginning at 11:30 a.m.
    Could she be any less specific if a constituent wanted to visit with her? “Coffee Shops” that’s how specific she is?

    Just wanted to post that so everyone could see she is not even close to being in John Thune’s league.

    I’d like to see you call her out Denise like the Argus did about her lack of public/town hall events.

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