Nathan Daschle sees a new way

Nathan Daschle, the son of former congressman and senator Tom Daschle, is no longer a registered Democrat.

Nathan Daschle is now an advocate for an independent movement to nominate someone for president who is not linked to either the Republican or Democratic parties.

The movement that has been dubbed — both a play on the term “ruckus,” and the rugby term for a group of players bound together. The founders, including people with histories with both major parties, think people are fed up with politics as it has long been practiced.

“We’re not saying politics would be better if we just had different people in there,” Daschle said in an interview with The Washington Post. “To the contrary, we’re saying it’s not the fault of the people; it’s the structures that have to change.”

Nathan’s father Tom was a party man who rose to the top level, serving 26 years in Congress. He was the longest-serving Democratic leader in party history and considered a bid for the White House before and after he lost his Senate seat to John Thune in 2004.

Nathan Daschle headed down that path after graduating from Harvard, serving as the executive director of the Democratic Governors Association from 2007-2010.

He now calls himself a “reformed lawyer and political operative” who wants to help carve a new way to alter policy and government.

“Nathan now dreams of a day when people can shed their partisan labels and organize freely around the issues they care about most,” he wrote on the home page.

Tom Daschle served the state and nation as he saw fit. Now, his son is doing the same thing in a different way.