A picture of evil

We’re running the photo below with a story about sidewalk alcohol service in tomorrow’s paper. The story examines practices in other South Dakota communities.

After seeing this horrifying image of three young women imbibing the devil’s concoction, I can see why we would never want such a thing to happen in downtown Mitchell.

A warning: This image may not be suitable for young viewers. The Daily Republic is not responsible for any sudden acts of immorality that may result from viewing this image.

Image courtesy of Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau

5 thoughts on “A picture of evil

  1. Cudos to the daily republic for having the guts to take the moral high ground against the zealots that need to actually read the bible when it comes to alcohol. Alcohol is not the evil, it is the over use of alcohol. God always has given us a choice in what we do. For examples, the garden of Eden. If God wanted to protect us from ourselves, He never would have put it there. Jesus saved the best wine till last. If you want to put a truly ‘horrifying’ picture in the paper, show where kids generally get their first taste, in church, during communion, in about the 6th grade. Way to take on this topic. My hat is off to you.

  2. ps. If you really want to save lives. Abolish cars, or get to $5 gas. People will be hesitant to either drive or drink due to the cost.

    • Im not one for drinking on the streets or drinking and driving but raising the gas prices is not the answer maybe tax alcohol like they have done tobacco products but government officials from city to federal would not like that as in a lot of their pictures you see booze.

  3. This has got to be one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. To bad comedy central doesn’t pick up on it.

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