Jeff Barth’s long walk

In a new campaign video that is going viral and gaining national attention, Jeff Barth strolls along a country road, explaining his views and why he should be the Democratic candidate for Congress.

It’s almost 5 minutes long, and you probably won’t see it all on local TV. Barth is counting on the media, like us, and YouTube and other outlets to showcase this unusual promo ad. Well, we’re running it, and I am sure others will run it or link to it, so mission accomplished, Jeff.

Earlier we ran video messages from Barth’s opponent in the June 5 Democratic primary, Matt Varilek. In those, Varilek first sat at a picnic table in his back yard and then on a couch with his family as he explained his reasons for running.

Unlike Barth in this video, no guns were fired, nor were any mannequins on display. This is, well, unique. Give it a watch. A lot of other people are.

Barth’s winding walk has raised the speed of this race. Two weeks ago, when Varilek said he didn’t support gay marriage, the race stirred to life. Varilek has the money, all the major endorsements and the support of most top Democrats, however unofficially. Matt was cruising this spring, and getting more comfortable on stage and in the crowds.

Well, everything is up for grabs now. And don’t forget, Barth was twice elected a Minnehaha County commissioner, while Varilek is a ballot virgin.

Varilek and Barth debate at noon Friday in Sioux Falls. Expect a lot more attention than this race has generated before this video.

Is it too late for Barth to win? Or is he coming ’round the bend at the perfect time?

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