Volesky, Corn Palace mentioned on Comedy Central website

I’m not sure what to make of this, other than to say it’s odd.

Tara Volesky and the Corn Palace are mentioned in a story on a Comedy Central website: http://www.indecisionforever.com/blog/2012/05/30/one-of-a-kind-candidate-tara-volesky-mayor-mitchell-sd.

3 thoughts on “Volesky, Corn Palace mentioned on Comedy Central website

  1. Having just read the comment: 1- what is the swearing for- it is what kid of palace??; 2- what is the political will of the community- do we need to expand??, who pays for that; 3- creatring a park around the palace defeats it’s purpose- it is part of downtown- if you want a park experience go to one !!!! we have plenty of them- a city sky walk is stupid too- just stick to nthe basics the building and rats to the rest of your silly plans

  2. not at the expense of searing about GOD- mind cleaning it up a bit- ???

    By the way in the humorous way we are all children of the corn- a new stephen novel to be written soon- ha ha

    I am farily well adjusted to this puritanical way of Dakota and what happens but I choose not to cuse and swear either.

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