The Rounds TV ads

I couldn’t tell you exactly what was contained in the ad I saw on TV, but when I heard Mike Rounds’ voice, my head snapped up to see the TV. I would tell you that he spoke more than just at the end, but I have no way to prove that – even to myself.

For sure, I instantly ascribed ulterior (political) motives to South Dakota’s former governor, rightly or wrongly.

At the end of the messages below, Mike Rounds speaks into the camera with many Fischer Rounds employees.

I wrote about these ads in this column about South Dakota’s 2014 Senate race. Methinks Rounds will run.

In searching the internets for said TV ad, I found a freshly minted FischerRounds channel on YouTube. Here are the four ads. Make of them what you will, and please do share your thoughts with the class.

5 thoughts on “The Rounds TV ads

  1. I enjoyed your column the other day also that went with these videos.

    The only part you left out was the part about Noem running in a primary against Rounds. The Noemer’s are of the mindset they could defeat him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Thune folks were behind a Noem primary run.

    I really don’t think SHS could beat Rounds so he will get a free pass.

    • Noem v. Rounds on top of all the rest? Now that would put 2014 in the running for SD’s most momentous political year of all time.

  2. Fischer Rounds has an enviable competitive position in the insurance industry in this state. Have they ever found it a worthwhile investment to run video ads before? How better to cater to a conservative South Dakota voter than to remind people that Mr. Rounds is a businessman first and a politician second. Think of the months long head start this gets him, at tax-deductible expense, before the official 2014 campaign season starts.

    • Irads,

      Thanks for the comment. Good stuff. I am curious, not being an insurance type, what gives Fischer Rounds an “enviable competitive position”? Is it that they are long established, or is there something else about their business model/SD’s regulatory structure that those of us civilians might not know about?

      Thanks in advance for any further insight.


  3. Ask Tim Rave next time you see him if he thinks Kristi or Rounds should run for Senate.

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