Well, not that focused …

There are no reports so far of Speaker John Boehner crying over the somewhat surprising decision by the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare.

But the famously weep-happy Boehner has changed his tune on what is important to Republicans in Congress. They may have lost in the high court, but they feel widespread public opposition to the sweeping health care law will lead them to victory in November.

Note the changes in what Boehner says the GOP will do in the meantime.

House Republicans will work hard on creating jobs and fixing the economy, he said Wednesday, the day before The Decision.

“… here in the House, House Republicans are going to continue to stay focused on jobs and the economy, which is what we’ve done the last 18 months.”

Well, thing change. Here’s what he said after the Supremes made their decision known:

“You know, I think the real outcome of today’s decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure that this law is in fact repealed,” Boehner said Thursday. “We’re going to work every single day between now and Election Day, and the American people then will get an opportunity to make their decision on Election Day.”

Maybe they can do both. Or perhaps neither will happen.

If that happens, it’s a crying shame for someone.

3 thoughts on “Well, not that focused …

  1. Funny how the Republicans still have no ideas at all how they will help people who need health care. They have had plenty of chances over the years and so far nothing.

  2. Yes I agree I would be somewhat more sympathetic to republican ideals if I heard what the plan is to get people back to work, what the plan is to fix the budget, what the alternative plan is to the AffordABLE HEALTH CARE ACT- but then it’s easy to criticize another- remember why would we return to those Bush days when we were losing jobs so terribly??? Have some revisionistic republicans want to rewrite history to their partisan liking?? This is going to take awhile to rebuild America and the Tea-faggers haven’t a clue either??

  3. Boo that Obamacare was upheld. It’s bad law.

    I would like to see you cover the SOS scandal and controversy. It’s only getting hotter.

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