Noem fights back against her no-show critics

In a stroke of subtle PR genius, Team Noem struck back against the Dems who have sought to paint her as a no-show/no-talk member of Congress.

In the press release announcing the House Ag Committee’s passage of a farm bill, Rep. Kristi Noem’s press shop included 3 – count ’em, 3 – links to video of her talking during hearings on the bill.

As part of the MDR’s friendly service, we bring them to you here:

The downside could be that the clips are short – about 3 minutes total – leaving room for her critics to say, well, you know, she didn’t talk that much. Plus, she has said that South Dakotans didn’t send her to Washington to talk. But her critics could argue that in these clips she is talking just to talk.Or so it seems to me.

Ultimately, though, in our workaday world, voters will see these clips flitting past on the evening news and dismiss the claims that she hasn’t shown up as Election Year mudslinging. And they’ll mostly be right. Or so it seems to me.


5 thoughts on “Noem fights back against her no-show critics

  1. Noem is not impressive. She only does what gets her media attention. The idea that she did anything at all for the farm bill is silly.

    I’ll vote against Noem as soon as I have a better option. Right now I don’t. Varilek does not bring a winning message to the table.

    Varilek will go away after 2012. Hopefully Noem goes away after ’14.

  2. Oh the democrats saw I wasn’t doing my job and called me out on it. I’ll show them and talk for a while in the farm hearing. Noem is so unimpressive I can’t even find the words. She is self serving and self promoting.

    Look at her facebook page and John Thune’s. Thune talks about real issues and what is going on in DC. Noem posts pictures of herself or her kids. Give me a break. Thune, Rounds and Daugaard are the real deal and Noem is a poser who doesn’t do or talk about anything substantial.

  3. Noem is a let down for conservatives like me who expected something better out of her.

  4. Denise do you remember if Mike Rounds endorsed John Thune in 2004? I seem to remember him getting Rounds’ endorsement but I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Apolitical, I wish I could remember that. I don’t. I can’t imagine that not being the case, but one never knows about these things. I’ll ask somebody who might know and get back to you.

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