Thune is talking with the Romney team

Sen. John Thune keeps saying he expects to be a senator in 2013.

However …

Thune said Monday that he is talking with Romney’s campaign team. He told The Hill that he is in contact with the people who are running the show.

“In an interview with The Hill, Thune acknowledged he’s been to Boston to meet Romney’s senior advisers and has met Beth Myers, who is leading the search for the vice presidential nominee.

“ ‘I met her but it wasn’t a meeting about what you think it’s about,’ he said.”

Hmmm. So they wanted to ask him about what exactly?

Thune didn’t say he is formally being vetted, but it appears he is still on the list. It figures, since he is a good fit.

Thune is a conservative darling, a supporter of Romney since last year and a talented politician and campaigner. There is little doubt he would be a solid choice, and popular with the right.

Romney needs to energize the GOP base to win in November and Thune would help with that. Will he join the ticket?

Thune said he would be willing to serve as a feisty attack dog in the campaign, the typical role of a VP candidate.

“I’m not somebody whose disposition and temperament is hostile. But once somebody throws the first punch, I’m all in,” he told The Hill.

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9 thoughts on “Thune is talking with the Romney team

  1. Sen. Thune may have more power in this race than this interested party can even comprehend.

    Gov. Romney may be forced to argue his case to salvage his candidacy at the Republican Convention where John Thune or Jeb Bush could easily emerge as the nominee.

  2. Mr. Lawrence, we know that Sen. Thune needn’t leave the Senate to run.

    What if by some miracle a Romney/Thune ticket wins the contest now that Gov. DD and former Gov. Rounds are feuding: does it not put a fascinating spin on an alternative for the rest of that term?

    • Of course he does not need to resign from the Senate to run on a national ticket, although Bob Dole did so in 1996.
      That was never stated or implied in my post. The point is, if elected VP, Thune would leave the Senate. If he runs and loses, he stays in the Senate, which Bob Dole wishes he had done, he has said.
      The odds are Thune will be a SD senator in 2013, but you raise an interesting point if he runs with Romney and they win. Who would DD appoint? Would Rounds slide into the Senate? Or would one of the many other GOP hopefuls get the nod from the governor?

      • I would have to believe DD picks Rounds for various reasons…

        1. Is that Rounds is a former two term popular governor.
        2. is that Rounds essentially put Daugaard in the governors office
        3. Is that appointing Kristi Noem would bring about a special election in which the county party chairman chose the congressional nominee. (That’s how SHS got in)
        4. There will be two senate races in ’14 if Thune become VP. A six year term to fill Johnson’s seat and a four year term to fulfill the remainder of Thune’s term.
        5. The Dems would then have to choose who is most likely to succeed against which GOP candidate. Would SHS choose a matchup with Rounds or Noem? – (clearly NOEM).

        Daugaard could always appoint Michels but I doubt any of these alternatives would be strong enough to hold the seat like Rounds.

        In reality there are 4 options: Rounds, Noem, Jackley or Michels.

  3. No need to worry about any of this- John Thune is going no where. South Dakota has no play in the nation’s politics- why flatter ourselves with such notions of grandeur- other have tried !!.

    • RF: Then how do you explain native son Hubert Humphrey serving as vice president from 1965-69 and being the Democratic presidential candidate in 1968, followed by Mitchell’s own George McGovern in 1972, as well as Tom Daschle’s record tenure as Senate Democratic leader, as well as John Thune’s steady climb up the GOP Senate ladder?
      Seems like we have had a pretty loud voice on the national stage for a state with less than 1 million people and just 3 electoral votes.

      • Humphrey never made it to President beside he claimed Minneapolis over Doland,SD; George McGovern never made it to president; Tom Daschle became a prisoner to his own power oin the hill- as I said South Dakota has little influence on the hill- but our big egos would seem to make it bigger !!!

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