Varilek following McGovern’s 1956 campaign?

A Republican representative from South Dakota was seeking another term in Congress. Another win seemed likely against a little-known Democratic challenger.

But anger over federal agriculture policies helped that young Democrat win. You may have heard of him: George McGovern.

McGovern defeated Rep.Harold Lovre in an upset in 1956. The ag policies of Eisenhower administration and Congress were a key issue.

Varilek is aiming to use anger over the failure to pass a new farm bill to propel him to Congress. It is stalled in the House after the Senate passed it with both Tim Johnson and John Thune voting for it.

Like McGovern in 1956, this is Varilek’s first bid for elective office, and he is doing a lot of things right: touring the state, shaking hands and claiming the incumbent is not getting the job done.

Rep. Kristi Noem is pushing to pass the bill. She’s a freshman liaison to the House leadership and wants this bill sent to President Obama.

Noem is seeking her second term after slipping past Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in 2010. Polls a few months ago showed SHS led Noem in a rematch, but Herseth Sandlin took a pass, opening a door for Varilek, a former Tom Daschle and Johnson staffer.

A new poll released Friday by Nielson Brothers Polling of Sioux Falls claims Noem only leads her challenger 47-46 with the rest up in the air. The Democrats cheer the close race, while the Republicans claim NBP has little credibility, since its president is a Democrat who ran for Legislature.

It is worth noting that a poll Nielson Brothers released in the days before the 2010 election gave Noem a lead of slightly more than 2 percent. That was exactly correct. But it was way off in a poll on the Daugaard-Heidepriem race for governor, reporting that the Democrat had a chance. He didn’t.

The New York Times says Noem is a clear favorite. It is rather unusual for the GOP to cling to the NYT as their savior, but there you have it.

Is this a true race? Very possibly. Will the farm bill be a major issue? Certainly.

For more on today’s poll, check my story in this weekend’s paper.

3 thoughts on “Varilek following McGovern’s 1956 campaign?

  1. Why doesn’t Noem just release a poll of her own to refute this one if it is so far off?

  2. This farm bill as with previous ones is so far off the mark- first of all there should be a cap on the big drawers – nothing over $250,000 paid out. The real receipients of agri are the big three ADM, Cargill and Bunge elevators- the producer gets some. Cutting food stamps at a time of recession is wrong and unethical- the beneficiary of stamps is not the one with the stamp- oh they get to eat- it benefits the producer- middle man and store down the line- when Kristi can not fulfill her committee asignments or go to the floor to represent us we can change that- remember she got to office by running against Pelosi now she’ll probably run against Obama and Reid- I hope Varilek take the debate to her hard and strong . I am going to do everything I can to defeat Noem, she does not represent my interests.

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