Romney picks Ryan

Mitt Romney is tired of letting the Olympics and Barack Obama set the news. He is breaking some news and making headlines early Saturday.

Romney will announce his running mate in a few hours. All signs point to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the conservative favorite and the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Since I spoke with John Thune today as he headed to Murdo to visit his father and some friends, it’s safe to say the South Dakota senator didn’t get it.

Thune said Romney should make a “bold” selection. Is that Ryan, who wants to alter the Medicare process, because, he says, he wants to save it from going broke?

He also promises to work toward a balanced budget. He’s hot, he’s outspoken and he’s a newsmaker. The headlines will be all GOP for a few days, so Romney has accomplished that.

But Ryan is also a lightning rod. The Democrats will come at him for his unabashed conservative, new GOP views. Ryan is well-spoken, so it should be interesting to watch.

So now we now the teams: Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden. On to the conventions.