Wallet in the garbage: The rest of the story

We published a story Saturday about a tourist who accidentally dropped her wallet in the garbage at the Corn Palace and didn’t realize it until she was in the Badlands. The story ended happily with her receiving her wallet in the mail after a Corn Palace worker found it for her.

We based our story on a letter the woman sent to Mitchell Mayor Ken Tracy, and we weren’t able to reach the woman ourselves before the story was published.

I did send her an email, though, with the one obvious question that went unanswered in the story: How in the heck does somebody accidentally throw away a wallet?

Here’s the response:

Hi Seth –

Well, I had visited a Starbucks in Sioux City that morning. And because my hands were full with two coffees, and pastries, etc., I put my wallet in the paper bag that Starbucks gives customers when they have a lot to carry (you know, so I wouldn’t drop it without noticing!).

When we got to Mitchell, I thought I’d be proactive and clear all the trash out of the car (we’d driven from Toronto‚Ķ we had a lot of stuff in the car!) and so I just popped everything in the Starbucks bag and tossed it in a trash can. And completely forgot that my wallet was in there!

I still can’t believe that the folks in Mitchell would dig through the trash to help me out. Everyone says Canadians are so friendly‚Ķ but in my book, Mitchell is just about the friendliest place around.

And you can quote me!