Stan Adelstein gets ‘interesting’

State Sen. Stan Adelstein has long been an interesting man.

I have enjoyed interviewing him and he always has a good quote to offer. Stan is not your typical South Dakota Republican: He’s an 81-year-old millionaire engineer, Jewish lay rabbi who is pro-choice and has liberal views on many social issues while being a pro-business, pro-growth politician as well as a paterfamilias for Rapid City and the Black Hills, often opening his checkbook for the community where he grew up and still lives.

Stan also loves politics, having served one term in the state House and being unopposed for a fourth term in the Senate. Adelstein has been a friend and adviser to Govs. Bill Janklow and Mike Rounds.

He has not been a fan of Secretary of State Jason Gant, whom he asked to resign this week. This summer, he called for a DCI investigation into Gant.

I am writing a story about the latest round in this battle. It will be in The Daily Republic Thursday and on our website shortly.

All this feuding and fussing among these SD Republicans caused the website to offer this witty image. Enjoy!

One thought on “Stan Adelstein gets ‘interesting’

  1. Stan is one of the most fascinating people in SD politics this cycle. Which makes me wonder Tom if you and your fellow reporters could put together a list of the ten most fascinating people in 2012 SD politics.

    Here is my list without much thought:

    10. Mike Huether
    9. Jason Gant
    8. Rob Skjonsberg/Mike Rounds
    7. Dennis Daugaard
    6. Rausch, Lust, Gosch, Cronin
    5. Pat Powers
    4. Jeff Barth
    3. Tim Begalka
    2. Stan Adelstein
    1. Stace Nelson

    I’m going to spend some more time thinking this over.

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