Varilek hits hard

Matt Varilek has released his next TV ad and it’s a tough one, pointing once again at Rep. Kristi Noem’s dismal attendance record at committee meetings.

Here it is:

The ad repeats a charge Varilek has leveled during the campaign, complete with the image of the record of statements made by two Republicans who served on the House Agriculture Committee, John Thune and Bill Janklow, compared with the thin record of Noem.

It’s a sharp contrast to the down-home, folksy ads Noem has used. No sitcom settings, family members or horses in a green field here. This is an attack ad.

Varilek was introduced to voters in his first three ads, according to his campaign. Now, in the final month, they seek to draw a contrast between their candidate and the incumbent.

2 thoughts on “Varilek hits hard

  1. I confess that the end of the ad featuring an official-looking Matt Varilek seated at a desk with a suited assistant made me laugh out loud.

    Your opinion that Rep. Noem’s attendance record is “dismal,” Mr. Lawrence?

  2. It is dismal. And if she wasn’t out funded 2 or 3-1 she’d lose.

    The records at the end of the ad were the hardest hitting stuff from DakFest earlier this summer. I thought it was a flat out knockout if you were legitimately on the fence.

    I’m a Republican. I’ve voted for 1 Dem in my life. I am very disappointed in Noem but I’m not sure I want to vote for Varilek. I wish she’d primary Rounds so I could vote against her while still voting for a Republican. It’s not that I dislike Noem’s positions on many issues but I dislike her manor in which she conducts herself. No attendance, No advocacy, No work ethic, No town halls, She’s not serious.

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