Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and me

Me, a secessionist?

I never saw myself that way. I don’t want to tear the union asunder, divide the nation, and risk plunging our country into another tragic civil war.

But there was my name, or at least Tom L, on the petition to allow South Dakota to secede from the union. I think it has been removed, and I am trying to ensure that happens, but for a few minutes anyway, there it was.

I am writing a story on the secession movement in South Dakota, and was reading the petition at, when I clicked on a button that I thought would take me to a list of names. Nope, it added Tom L to the petition.

So this is a heads-up. Beware of adding your name to a petition, however accidentally. I don’t sign petitions in grocery store parking lots, on street corners or anywhere else they are stuck in your face. But the website snared me.

Just to put it on the record: I like the United States of America. Hell, I love this country. I put my hand over my heart when we say the Pledge of Allegiance at City Council meetings, I stand up and croak out the National Anthem at ballgames and other events, and I enjoy baseball, apple pie and have owned and driven Chevrolets.

There. I hope I succeeded in making my point.


3 thoughts on “Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and me

  1. It’s a shame we have not taught the truth about secession in 1861. The Southern leaders shouted the reason from the rooftops, announced the reason in newspaper headlines and official documents, wrote it in books, bragged about it sermons.

    The South was demanding — under promise of war — that slavery must be spread, and spread by violence AGAINST the will of the people. SPecifically, Jeff Davis himself said that the resistance to the spread of slavery in Kansas was the “intolerable grievance” that made secession, and then war, necessary.

    Learn something we all should have been told about all along — the lunatic religious fanaticism of slave owners and Confederate leaders from 1854-1861. They weren’t hidden, they weren’t shy about it. This was the basic violence for decades, the spread of slavery vs no spread. It was not “one” of a complex set of issues, that’s bs. Only after the South lost, did they change their tune and act like slavery was not the issue. It was the SPREAD of slavery that they demanded, the SPREAD of slavery that they went to war to push. Not the preservation, not states rights.

    In fact, by 1861, the fig leaf lie of “states rights” was gone, after Kansas voted 98% -2% to keep slavery out forever. Once they did that, Southern slave owners could not make up bullship about just respecting states rights. That all went right out the window — they never gave a ship about it anyway. IT was ALWAYS a pretense, they always wanted the spread of slavery.

    If you don’t know the Southern Ultimatums, the Southern speeches, by their own leaders, you don’t know sickem. Learn what they actually said and did from 1820 on. The “Compromise” of 1820 and 1850 was about as much a compromise as a 7-11 armed robbery. But in those cases, Southern thugs were able to dominate the areas, and make it seem like everyone (white) wanted slavery. That was never true. But interestingly, the telegraph played a key role when it came to Kansas in 1856 on, the internet of it’s day. There, the thugs sent by slavers once again used violence, and threats to try to make it SEEM that people wanted slavery, but news of what happened got back East, and men like John Brown went to KS and fought back. The jig was up, Kansas rejected slavery outright.

    So what did Slave owners do? Did they say, Oh, never mind, Kansas rejected slavery? HELLLLLLLLLL no, In fact, they literally went to war to force slavery further west. They announced it repeatedly – sometimes using double talk, but often being very plain, as in the Southern Ultimatums that appeared in Soutehrn newspapers just before the Civil War, but after secession.

    Literally the first thing the South did — not the second — as a new nation was to demand the spread of slavery or promise war. Don’t believe me? The South was proud of that. Read their own books and newspapers.

    There is a basic misunderstanding in US about the Civil War — caused by Southern crybabies editing the history text books for 100 years. The truth is very clear, it is in the speeches by their own President and Vice PResident, it’s in their own constitution, it is in their own documents. IT was about the SPREAD of slavery, and they said so loudly and proudly.

    Like a bullly who gets his ass kicked, the South has spent 150 years crying about the bad bully that beat him up. Nonsense. The bully got beat up, went home to momma and made up bullship.

  2. Been doing plenty of research on Abraham Lincoln and the War on the South. the Unionists say the war had something to do with the Slavery of Blacks, while the Confederate says the War had something to do with the Slavery of Whites. How So? The South saw Abraham Lincoln as a Tyrannical King, forcing the Whites to do what he says and taking away their liberties and the liberties of the States.

    Then I started thinking, This war seemed very much like a war between the Liberties of Humans verses the Liberties of States. Abraham Lincoln was fooled into fighting this war for the Liberties of Humans. But the end result was something much more bigger, bigger than the individual, and bigger than the state: The Liberties of the Government won this war at the expense of both the liberties of the individual human and the liberties of the states. If Abraham Lincoln lived, he would have put a stop to this.

    I believe he was killed because he was aware of the monstrosity that has been created. Do you think that after the constant failures of the south to capture Lincoln suddenly succeeded once Booth was determined to kill him?

    Booth was a fanatic of Liberty as much as Hamilton was a fanatic of Unity.

    The South constantly paints Abraham Lincoln as a evil man. However, every plan the south had to capture him and take him off to Richmond FAILED. Why? Why did the plans constantly fail over and over? Something bigger than the individual and the state was behind everything. They convinced the Abolitionists about the wickedness of Slavery, and they convinced the Confederates about the wickedness of removing a states liberties. And they pitted these two ideologies together to form a war. People are made to think that freedom won. But in reality Both Sides LOST.

    Abraham Lincoln, had he remained alive, would have figured this out. The Bigger Picture, the Shadow System floats around in disguise. But both ideologies of the north and south are part of the bigger agenda. The North with its perverted idea of Unity by FORCE, and the South with its perverted idea of enslaving other human beings, Merged together in that war. It created the Federal Government who doesn’t recognize Neither Democratic South nor Republican North. As a matter of fact, Democratic-Republican is a false dichotomy. They are one and the same except Democrats lean a bit more towards one side, and Republican lean a little more to the other side. But we Both need each other. At least to keep each other in check.

    The North and the South had one common enemy and didn’t realize it: the Over Powerful Federal Government. Sometimes the intentions of the Government disguises itself as Democratic Ideologies, sometimes as Republican Ideologies. Sometimes its a mixture. For example, in our Modern age the “Liberties” of the Democrats are now the Liberty to be solely dependent on the Government creating Welfare States. While the “unity” of the Republicans the unity of false allegiance to a self-destructing Government trying to expand into foreign Soil creating Warfare States.

    Yet the Government needs the ideologies of Democrats in order to maintain its Liberties, which is the “right to expand it’s power”. And the Government needs the Ideologies of Republicans in order to maintain its Unity and Sovereignty.

    That is the “Achilles heel” of the Republicans, their concepts of Sovereignty and Unity. Which is why almost all Republicans believe in God or some form of God. the Democrats on the other hand don’t have such a strong view of God. If anything the closest to God a Democrat will get is that God left us alone with the command to respect each others Liberties.

    This is perhaps the most bizarre Political Philosophy anyone might have heard. It destroys all the specifics of the events, the gains and the losses, the victory and defeats that occurred throughout the 19th Century. However, I believe in God. This makes me a Republican. And I believe that the North Won for a reason. And we have to Accept that. However, the South did not kill Abraham Lincoln. The Shadows who wanted the North to win Killed Abraham Lincoln. His Goodhearted Ideologies served it’s purpose. The Shadows agitated Booth and other Pro-slave Owners enough to infuriate Lincoln and other Abolitionists. “the Shadows”, “the Bigger Picture” “Crony Capitalists” “NeoCon Warmongers” etc, they have a vision. It’s a vision that is passed down from generations to generations from even before Abraham the Patriarch of the Bible. They will use Righteous men or Wicked men in order to achieve their purposes. And Despite all of this I know for a fact That the Shadows can plan everything they want But God Himself decides how things truly turn out.

    God Not only Separated us from the Chains of Great Britain, but He also United us enough to make us a force to be reckoned with. But we’re too blinded to open our eyes and see beyond our hatred for each other and look at the true enemy of the State.

    I disagree with Secession, but I also Disagree with the Abusive Powers of the Federal Government. Even though I am a Republican, I agree with Secession if it means the Destruction of the Central systems of this Country, the “Shadow System” that instigates wars with other nations. This system took the credit of Unity away from God. And that can not be tolerated. what God unites let no man separate. But if God, out of Righteous Anger decides to Separate then No man, Not even a Shadow system of Centrality will be able to put this country back together.

    I will dread that day. that Day of Judgement when this country falls. the Great Day of the Lord. For the atrocities we have committed as a Unit, even if it was against our wills. Unless we repent, the cry of impending doom will not die out until what God decrees is fulfilled. If He has to raise up a nation like locusts without a king, the Muslims, in order to destroy us, then who are we to fight off our due punishments?

    Like Abraham I will pray as much as I can for my country. If God does have mercy, I pray that no one else, no system, no people, But God only receives His due Honor and glory for keeping this country afloat.

    We need Unity as much as we need Liberty. and We can’t keep fighting each other while the real War is being waged behind our backs.

    Here’s to Unity, Here’s to Liberty, and Justice for All.

  3. Let’s start a rap on historic preservation?? I remember the old city hall that looks nothing like this one where the art has been taken out of the deco- so what’s with the romper-room antics of city chambers- and Mel Olson- how does this guy keep getting elected?? I’m not for the historic designation simply because the building has been altered too much- by the way the designation doesn’t prevent development of a larger CP- and I think civic leader need read the preservation laws- I mean get their heads wrapped around educating themselves instead of romper room antics in public !!

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