Thune steps out on Fox with CNBC

Let’s hope Greta Van Susteren doesn’t find out about this.

Sen. John Thune spent an hour as a, gasp, guest host!, on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday. Yeah, me either.

Thune, who is adept with the media, both in the lounges of South Dakota and in the main rooms of Washington and New York, is usually seen on Fox News, where it seems like he or Rep. Kristi Noem appear with Greta VS on a daily basis.

But as chairman of the Senate GOP Conference, Thune has the responsibility of leading the Republican charge on TV and through the media. He is glib, charming and informed, so it’s a natural fit.

In the clip on YouTube, Thune discusses the looming fiscal cliff while the host drools over how tall he is and how well he wears a suit. JT laughs that off, but it is amazing how much the national media focuses on looks.

But so do voters, so politicians who resemble the people who deliver the news on TV have an edge. It seems things have gotten uglier since this trend took deep root.

Thune once again cites a lack of presidential leadership, calls for a reduction in government spending on entitlement programs and says President Obama seems hooked on raising taxes. Shocker.

The R’s and the D’s are still battling over whether or not they should allow the economy to slide. It seems that the obvious answer is, no, don’t do it, but such is the state of modern politics in America.

Compromise, anyone? Thune said he would vote for something that would address the problem, including some revenue increases. He said going over the cliff would be a major mistake, but says Obama seems willing to go there.

The fact is, the much-feared cliff is really more of a gradual slope. There is time to craft a deal that can pass both houses and get Obama’s signature. Failing to do so would assuredly damage the economy and the country.

Maybe if Obama appeared on Fox again, Speaker John Boehner got a gig on MSNBC and both sides actually listened to the other, some progress would be made. Thune would probably be willing to guest host with both of them.

3 thoughts on “Thune steps out on Fox with CNBC

  1. Thanks for pointing this out Tom. I would like to see Dems go on FNC and R’s go on MSNBC and then also have the hosts be fair. (I do think FNC is fair compared to MSNBC (outside of Hannity).

  2. Why doesn’t our congressional delegation join forces with the legislature and hold a few crackerbarrels or town halls? I mean the legislature holds one every week during session but our big wigs in DC (Thune, Noem and Johnson – Thune is head and shoulders above the others) don’t hold many open meetings that are well publicized and held at convenient times. Like Saturday at 10am instead of Tuesday at 3pm – It’s a joke when our DC delegation holds a town hall.

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