Brokaw declares outgoing Congress ‘easily the worst’ in America’s history

South Dakota’s own Tom Brokaw delivered a blistering critique of the 112th Congress, whose terms now expire as the nation swears in the 113th Congress.

“They have now sealed the deal,” Brokaw said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today. He called the group “easily the worst (Congress) in the nation’s history.”

See the video below. Brokaw’s remarks start around 2:30.

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Hardly a demagogue, Brokaw delivers the assessment with the matter-of-fact tone one might expect from a former network news anchor. That seems to make the sting more intense.

Members of the 112th might disagree with our boy from Yankton, but having this remark on your final report card can be no source of pride.


4 thoughts on “Brokaw declares outgoing Congress ‘easily the worst’ in America’s history

  1. That’s pretty harsh.

    Sure they are bad but so is the Senate. And Obama and Bush aren’t exactly Abe Lincoln and George Washington. We probably have the two worst presidents in American history serving 16 years in a row. That doesn’t help any countries economy.

  2. Did John Thune just vote against relief for Hurricane Sandy?? If so let’s end the subdizes to agriculture because it adds to the deficit!!!!!

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