A blizzard approaches

We stock up. Bundle up. And stay up, watching, reading and studying weather reports.

A South Dakota blizzard, a howling wind whipping snow across the state, closing roads, pummeling homes, and creating very real danger, is upon us. It will start with rain, followed by a blend of rain and snow, and driven by winds that will gust up to 40 or 50 mph.

We’re all secretly thrilled. Despite the danger, the hassle, the cold and miserable conditions. We love our storms.

Share your favorite blizzard story here. Why are you a weather fanatic?

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I'm a South Dakota native who has covered the state since 1978. The events, officials, celebrities and news have provided a remarkable pageant to watch pass. Spending time with and learning about the people of South Dakota, almost always strong, modest, wry, smart, decent and friendly, has been the best part of the work. I live in Mitchell.

One thought on “A blizzard approaches

  1. I am reminded of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book THE LONG WINTER which describes the winter of 1888 in DeSmet when the town nearly starved due to no trains getting through due to one blizzard after another. We get bad winters in cycles….

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