Teen texting ban may pass yet?

A South Dakota House committee rejected the proposed texting for teens while driving ban on Wednesday. The House voted 33-30 to kill it.

But Bernie Hunhoff, the Democratic leader from Yankton, is saying on his Facebook page that the bill will rise again on Thursday. Here’s what he wrote:

“A teen texting ban failed by 3 votes, 33-30. Rep. Gibson moved to reconsider. When the 7 missing legislators are here, it looks like it will pass … probably tomorrow. The absent seven were at a special budget meeting. It will be a secondary ban, meaning officers can’t write a citation unless they stop the teen for another reason.”

Meanwhile, a total ban on texting and driving for everyone, which was sponsored by state Sen. Mike Vehle, R-Mitchell, and the chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, died in committee.

The Judiciary Committee bounced it 8-5 Wednesday, even though Janean Christensen, the widow of a man killed by a Mitchell driver who was reading a text in 2010, was there to support the bill. It was, by all accounts, a very emotional event.

The session is winding down, and the drama is winding up. A final decision on texting behind the wheel is not yet set.

One thought on “Teen texting ban may pass yet?

  1. This seems so simple while the adults talk on their cell phones- light turns green and they don’t notice- then you’re honking- adults with drink in one hand and birger in the other- adults with cig in one hand and drink in another- yes we set a good example for our youth don’t we ?!!!

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