Rounds’ and Noem’s Senate discussion

Politico is a well-respected news gathering organization that, like a lot of others, is starting to pay some attention to the 2014 South Dakota Senate race.

Politico published a story Wednesday on Mike Rounds, the former two-term Republican governor who so far is the only announced candidate for the Senate seat now held by Tim Johnson. Rounds was in Washington, D.C., a place he once told me he dislikes, to raise money and mingle with politicians and reporters.

Rounds talked about his candidacy, and his expectation that he will be challenged in a 2014 primary. That challenger may be Kristi Noem, who is just getting started in her second term in the U.S. House.

Rounds told Politico he talked with Noem before he announced his Senate campaign, but she didn’t say if she would or would not run against him a primary.

Some folks consider this news. It’s not. I heard it from both of them Nov. 29.

Here’s what The Daily Republic reported that day, and published on Page 1 on Nov. 30:

Rounds said he spoke to Rep. Kristi Noem Wednesday night to tell her he was running, and asked for her support.

Noem, a Republican from Castlewood, won her second term in the House on Nov. 6. She has been viewed as a possible Senate candidate in 2014.

“She said it is too early, she was still thinking about things, but she said good luck and congratulations,” he said. “And I said, ‘That’s fair.’ ”

Noem said she just finished a campaign and is now focused on her duties in Congress. She said she is pushing to see a farm bill passed and watching to see what will happen with the fiscal cliff.

“That’s where I am right now,” Noem said. “I think it’s too early for that. People are tired of campaigning.”

But she said she and Rounds had a pleasant conversation.

“I certainly wish him well in his endeavors,” she said.

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  1. Frustrating thing about that is that could be her answer today.

    Waiting for a farm bill. Waiting for the fiscal cliff scenario to play out…

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