Jackley crashes Rapid City crackerbarrel

In another year, Marty Jackley slipping quietly into the back of the first Rapid City crackerbarrel of the legislative session might have prompted little more than some hearty handshakes and perhaps a few questions about obscure matters.

SD AG Marty Jackley at Rapid City crackerbarrel

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley talks to New Underwood Superintendent Jeff Marlette and another man at the Rapid City crackerbarrel, held Jan. 18 at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

This year, though, members of the crowd seemed to have one thing on their minds, or rather the conglomeration of things that has kept tongues wagging for several months – EB-5, Rich Benda’s death and Northern Beef Packers.

Just in the few moments it took to snap a few photos, I heard Jackley telling these folks that further investigation belongs under the Department of Legislative Audit, the latest agency to wade into the ongoing investigation(s).

“I don’t want the attorney general running economic development in South Dakota,” he said, which would suggest he would be glad to push as much of this mess off his plate as possible.