Thune gets ‘pants on fire’ rating from PolitiFact

Sen. John Thune’s pants catch on fire during the Republican National Convention last week.

We’ve heard about how the VP-nominee Paul Ryan’s speech was “factually challenged,” but South Dakota’s own John Thune has been called a liar by PolitiFact for saying the Obama administration sought to ban farm kids from doing chores.

From the Miami Herald political blog:

(Thune) said the Obama administration ‘proposed banning farm kids from doing basic chores!’

We explored Thune’s claim and found that the truth wasn’t close to what he said.
From PolitiFact:
The summary of the proposed rules stated they “would impact only hired farm workers and in no way compromise the statutory child labor parental exemption involving children working on farms owned or operated by their parents.”
While the Labor Department has sought to tighten safety rules for minors working on farms, the proposal specifically did notban kids from doing basic chores, the Miami Herald says.
Thune had been railing against this idea for months – even sponsoring a bill to stop it, so I wasn’t surprised to hear him bring it up during his speech. Well, maybe I was a little surprised since the Labor folks said back in April that they would drop the idea.
As for Thune being a pants-on-fire liar, that one is still too hot to touch here at the Republic Insider. Without poring over the mind-numbing Labor proposal, I suspect it’s based in a difference of perception over what constitutes a “basic chore” and a “parental exemption.” (My own husband earned money working summers on a farm run by his step-dad.)
Thune has a reputation, in South Dakota at least, as a straight shooter. But please do keep those pants away from open flames, senator!